Case Study: The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset (Q4 2023)

Concierge: Tiffany Colon

Patient Name: Anthony

Patient Age: 70

Admissions Date: 9/26/2023

Admitted from: Mather Hospital

Discharge Date: 12/23/2023

Length of Stay: 3 months

Reason for Stay: Infection and Inflammatory Reaction due to other urinary catheter

How did this patient hear about The Hamlet? Social Worker at Mather Hospital


Details of experience:   

On 9/26/2023 Anthony was admitted to our community, The Hamlet from Mather Hospital with an admitting diagnosis of Infection and Inflammatory Reaction due to urinary catheter. Infection and Inflammatory Reaction due to other urinary catheter caused him to have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). After being diagnosed with UTI, Anthony had to be observed lying in an elevated position. He became very weak, and developed acute respiratory distress. He came to our community for Rehabilitation to recover from this episode.

Upon arrival, Anthony was greeted by Hamlet’s interdisciplinary team, which includes Nursing, Concierge, Social Work, Recreation, and Rehabilitation. Anthony was evaluated by Donna Cifuni, Physical Therapist along with Melissa Pelaez, Occupational Therapist.

He required rehabilitation services to strengthen and increase functional activity tolerance, functional transfer/ bed mobility, and improve dynamic balance. Upon evaluation, Anthony was total dependent on all Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

He worked extremely hard with our rehabilitation team to recover and get his strength back. Anthony had a long road to recovery but after three months he went from being total dependent on all ADLs to supervision or touching assistance and independent. Anthony is currently walking 175 feet. During this tough time of recovery Anthony had 1:1 sessions of Integrative Therapy Session to help with his anxiety.

Anthony has achieved every goal that was handed to him in these last three months of rehabilitation services. He worked extremely hard to work past the struggles he came across. Anthony has worked with our social work and his wife about his discharge and transition to back home with his family.

Anthony was extremely grateful to the entire team at The Hamlet. The team at The Hamlet wishes Anthony much success in his continued health care journey.