“I have been confined to a wheelchair for over six years, and have resided in four locations. The personnel here are either nurses and CNAs and are the nicest I’ve met without exception. That also extends to the residents. The recreation, therapeutic, and dining staff here are second-to-none. The Hamlet is a home away from home! All residents are treated with the highest level of love and respect! The food is great and there is always something fun and entertaining going on! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs rehab. I can’t thank you enough!” – Frank F.

“I’ve been at The Hamlet since September 8th, 2020, and I love all the people here. The nurses and aides always treat us with care and respect. It’s very clean. Every room and hall is cleaned and sanitized every day. I’ve been to other rehabilitation centers and the love and care are so good in The Hamlet. Medications are given on time, and I have nothing bad to say. Since I moved here at the age of 64, I’ve been taken great care of. I recommend this community for their care and love for all of us. The food is excellent, like home-cooked food. I love it here and recommend it all to the public if you need a home long term or short term here.” – Veronica W.

“The entire staff went above and beyond. They are kind to the patients and also to each other. They value their co-workers, and you can see how the entire team works together. I expect to have another surgery in several weeks, and I told my children, ‘I’m coming back to The Hamlet for rehab!’” – Claudette D.

“I have been a patient at The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset for the past four weeks, and I would highly recommend it. The therapy team knew exactly what I needed in order to get back home. They asked the right questions and made me comfortable.

As a retired registered nurse, I’m very familiar with how things should work in a skilled nursing facility. The nursing staff was kind and caring. My aide, Keith, had a lot of patience and compassion for his patients.

I liked the array of programs offered by Therapeutic Recreation. I was particularly happy to attend poker, musical entertainment, mass, and other religious programs. The ladies in the salon gave me a great haircut, and they did a wonderful job on my nails as well.

The pain management doctor was excellent. He addressed my questions and met my needs. I never felt rushed when the doctor came in.

If you are looking for a positive rehabilitation experience, I would strongly suggest you go and take a tour, and see for yourself. The staff at The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset really went the extra mile to make my stay such a successful one.” – Ann R.

“I have been a resident at The Hamlet at Nesconset for the past month, and I would absolutely 100% recommend it to anyone in need of therapy. The occupational and physical therapy staff are excellent and were never too busy to answer my questions. I could not think of one negative thing to say. The nurses and aids are kind, caring, and professional. The doctors were pleasant and thorough.” – Richard G.

“It [The Hamlet] is a very welcoming and friendly place where everyone from the receptionist to engineering, to dietary and all other staff, are caring, upbeat, and look out for your wellbeing and safety. The place is immaculate with all the floors shining so bright you can practically see your reflection. That is because they mop and wax all floors every day! Housekeeping is so spic and span that when they clean your room every day, they even wipe down things you would not think of, like the top of picture frames. The food is what I call ‘spa cuisine’ because it is so healthy and delicious. Lightly sautéed entrees with yummy sauces, steamed vegetables, side dishes, dessert, beverage, coffee or tea. What more could you want?

They have daily entertainment with singers, dancers, bingo, exercise, happy hour, Oktoberfest, karaoke, and all religious services. They have free TV, phone, and wifi! The staff at The Hamlet are cheerful, helpful, and everybody works as a team. I wholeheartedly recommend and rate The Hamlet as the best!” – Donna S.

“I was recently a subacute patient at The Hamlet. The staff were pleasant and helpful. When I needed assistance, I knew the staff would be there soon. The entire staff are hard-working and dedicated to their patients. The physical therapy department is unbelievable. I liked working with each of them because I benefitted from each individualized style of therapy. I would be happy to recommend The Hamlet to anyone who needs rehab. They were professional, kind, and supportive.” – Kathleen S.

“It’s been a joy working here. It’s enhanced my retirement, and I can’t stop. I love tapping into our residents/patients’ lives. They need a vehicle to transport their knowledge so we can all learn from them. We are the vehicle to sharing all they have done and learned during their lifetime.” – Carol, Therapeutic Recreation

“I am currently a patient at The Hamlet. I am absolutely sure I would never have reached the level of recovery I have now had it not been for the entire staff who have gone above and beyond the level of care one might expect from a rehab facility.

From the first person you meet upon arrival, to the people of the maintenance department who keep the hospital running on all cylinders, I have experienced nothing but professional service from everyone here. The administration has bent over backwards to make my stay here less stressful, and I can’t give them enough credit for their coordination and how they work with each department to exude the highest level of care.

The nursing staff at The Hamlet are amazing as they have always been there for each patient under their care and supervision. The nursing assistants work tirelessly to make the patients comfortable, no matter the circumstances. I have great respect for each and every one of them. Physical therapy is a big part of the daily life at The Hamlet, and the physical and occupational therapists take their occupation and their patients very seriously. They helped me get through the hard work with patience and skill.

They even have a ‘concierge’ here who is the most amazing person; who goes the extra mile whenever she can. She’s the right person for the job without a doubt. This place runs a lot smoother due to her influence because of the attitude she presents every day. I have been lucky enough to have chosen The Hamlet for my rehabilitation, and I will recommend this facility to anyone who is in need of excellent short term care.” – Jeffrey R.

“I would recommend The Hamlet. I have been in three rehab facilities, and I like this one the best.” – Jane R.