Case Study: The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset (Q2 2022)

Director Concierge: Tiffany Colon
Patient Age: 74
Admissions Date: 4/22/2022
Admitted from: St. Charles Hospital
Discharge Date: 5/19/2022
Length of Stay: 27 Days Reason for Stay: Cervical Spine Stenosis
How did this patient hear about The Hamlet? Social Worker at St Charles Hospital

Details of Experience:

On 4/8/2022, Ira was admitted to St Charles Hospital with admitting diagnosis of Cervical Spine Stenosis. Cervical Spine Stenosis is narrowing the spinal canal and/or the spinal nerve root passages in your neck. This left Ira with muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and needing assistance with personal care. He came to our community for rehabilitation to get stronger and as independent as possible to be able to return home.

Upon arrival, Ira was greeted by Hamlet’s interdisciplinary team, including Nursing, Concierge, Social Work, Recreation, and Rehabilitation. Ira was evaluated by Lindsay, Physical Therapist, along with Rebecca, Occupational Therapist. He required rehabilitation services to strengthen and increase functional activity tolerance, transfer/mobility, and dynamic balance. Upon evaluation, Ira was determined to require minimal assistance with all Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Ira worked extremely hard with our rehabilitation team. His baseline goals were met after four weeks, where he progressed from total dependence to modified independence with a walker. He exhibited improved fine motor coordination skills to facilitate his ability to manage fastenings while dressing with stand-by assistance to perform ADLs with increased independence and safety with Occupational Therapy. With perseverance, he increased his ability to safely ambulate on distance-level surfaces using a rolling walker from 100 feet to 300 feet. His long-term goals were set, including an ambulation distance of 350 feet and a set-up assist.

Ira achieved his goals after four weeks of rehabilitation services. He was discharged with a distance level of 350 feet using a rolling walker, safely performing bed mobility tasks and functional transfers with modified independence. He performed upper body and lower body dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene. Social Worker assisted with Ira’s discharge back home with his wife. Ira was extremely grateful to the entire team at The Hamlet, with the limitations due to Covid, he felt like the rehabilitation team used all the technics and never stopped trying to help him reach his goals.

The team at The Hamlet wishes Lawrence much success in his continued health care journey.