Case Study: The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset (October 2019)

Patient’s Age: 85-years-old
Admission Date: 07/01/19
Admitted From: St. Catherine’s Hospital
Discharge Date: 09/10/19
Discharged To: Her son’s home
Length of Stay: 73 Days
Reason for Stay: Fracture of other parts of the pelvis, muscle weakness and difficulty walking.

Details of Experience:
On June 26th, Ellen had just finished dinner and was getting ready to clear the table. The next thing she knew she tripped and lost her balance. Ellen fell on her left side, was on the floor and unable to get up. She was taken to St. Catherine’s Hospital. Upon evaluation, her doctor discovered that she had a left-sided pubic rami fracture and hematoma of the left internal obturator muscle.

Ellen has always been independent. She enjoys making greeting cards and baking cakes for her friends and family. Ellen enjoys socializing and has a quick sense of humor. Her goal entering The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset was to “walk without pain and not be a burden to her children.”

Upon admission, Ellen was greeted by our highly trained therapists, Melissa and Allan. During her initial assessment, she required maximum assistance with all activities of daily living. She was unable to ambulate on level surfaces and climb steps. She was totally dependent on staff to perform functional transfers and needed maximum assistance to safely perform bed mobility tasks. Ellen’s goal was to increase her left leg extremity strength to facilitate her ability to perform transfers, ambulate and climb stairs.

Ellen required skilled physical and occupational therapy services in order to return to her prior level of function. Ellen participated in therapy six days a week. After two weeks, Ellen was able to walk 25 feet using her Rollator walker. After four weeks, she could walk 75 feet with contact guard assistance and was able to walk up and down 4 steps. Ellen was making constant progress toward her short and long term goals. She is now able to ambulate 100 feet and safely ascend and descend 8 steps. Ellen was able to safely perform functional transfers with modified independence. She was finally able to perform her activities of daily living on her own.

Our Director of Concierge Services met with Ellen nearing her discharge date to find out how her overall stay was at The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset. Ellen stated, “When it came to my therapies, you couldn’t ask for anymore. Not only were Elena and Nivia knowledgeable and professional, but the entire staff there are kind, caring, helpful, considerate and compassionate about what they do every day. I had such a great stay at The Hamlet. Once I am back on my feet, I plan to come in once a week and volunteer. The Hamlet is a cheerful community, and I am glad that I was lucky enough to be a patient there.”

Team Hamlet is inspired by the progress that Ellen has made. She came back recently to say hello and give the Concierge and several therapists homemade window boxes that she created. We wish Ellen the very best of luck and success in the future.