Case Study: The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset (November 2019)

Patient’s Age: 88-years-old
Admission Date: 09/30/19
Admitted From: St. Catherine of Sienna Medical Center
Discharge Date: 10/18/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 50 Days
Reason for Stay: Displaced fracture of lesser trochanter of right femur, unspecified atrial fibrillation, anemia, and difficulty in walking.

Details of Experience:
On September 25th, while Richie was walking in his home, he unexpectedly turned the wrong way, lost his balance and fell fracturing his right femur. He was taken to St. Catherine of Sienna Medical Center where he spent five days before coming to The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset for rehabilitation.

As the oldest of seven children, Richie and his siblings were placed in an orphanage at a very young age. As a result of his upbringing, Richie has always been independent. He enjoys going on his boat and fishing. He loves to paint, draw and sculpt and played the bagpipes and marched in many parades. He enjoys visiting with his family and is very much involved with the police department, where he retired as a detective.

Richie came to The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset on September 30, 2019. Upon admission, Richie’s goal was to walk on his own without pain and get back on his feet. Richie was greeted by our highly trained therapists, Al and Nivea. During his initial assessment, Richie required maximum assistance with all activities of daily living. He was unable to climb any steps and was only able to ambulate 10 feet with maximum assistance.

In order for Richie to return to his prior level of function, he required skilled physical and occupational therapy services. He participated in therapy six days a week and worked on dynamic functional activities, safety sequencing techniques, proper body mechanics, self-care training and education on energy conservation techniques. Since Richie experienced constant throbbing pain, the therapists consistently worked on pain management. Richie was making progress towards his short term and long term goals. After only six days, he was already walking 40 feet with a Rollator walker and was able to walk up two stairs. By week 3, Richie was able to walk 75 feet and 4 stars. By the time he was discharged, Richie was walking 275 feet and independently walked up 12 stair steps.

Our Director of Concierge met with the patient nearing his discharge to see how his overall stay was at The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. Richie stated, “Everybody here was great. The staff was very efficient and helpful and went above and beyond. I can’t think of any way to make it better other than getting a cup of coffee between meals.” Richie enjoyed a special veteran’s luncheon with 6 other veterans and had such a great experience in our community. He shared he enjoyed his stay so much that he was planning to break his other leg.

Team Hamlet was inspired by Richie’s willingness to never give up and to always believe in yourself. We wish him continued success in the future.