Upcoming Events

Download our recreation calendar for more information on exciting events taking place throughout our community! 



MS Support Group

The Multiple Sclerosis Support Group is held bi-monthly, this month it will take place on February 13th.  The group is open to all our residents and patients. We discuss the newest research information regarding MS, (i.e., stem cell research, FDA approval of new medications) or any other topics the group prefers. Attendees works on light stretching, as well as techniques to give them a “bigger voice” when reciting positive affirmations. The session concludes with a meditation portion using visualization and guided imagery. The group provides a forum where people with similar capabilities can feel free to discuss issues that concern them and their MS.

 Helping Hands Program visits The Hamlet

On Monday, February 11th, registrants from Middle Island West (Central Islip) Adult Day Health Services Helping Hands Program will be visiting The Hamlet! They will be creating small decorations with positive sayings on them to distribute to our residents. Everyone will also enjoy a fresh morning coffee social. All are looking forward to it! See you there! 

 Tribute to African American Vocalists with Everett Greenberg

In honor of Black History Month, we will be hosting a tribute to African American Vocalists with musical entertainer, Everett Greenberg. Residents will enjoy singing along to these fabulous tunes on Tuesday, February 26th at 2:15pm in the 1st Floor Dining Room! Everyone is welcome.  Please join us.