Upcoming Events

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During the Month of April…

We are excited to introduce a new game inspired by our fabulous Recreation Rocks Conference.  The game is called Heads or Tails! Participants choose heads or tails by holding up a picture when we flip a giant penny.  Players are eliminated until only two remain and the winner receives the prize. With a combination of great music and wonderful staff, we feel our residents will flip over this game…pun intended!

Everyone loves a great inter-generational program.  We are happy to welcome the Hauppauge High School Interact Club to our home.  They will be joining us in creating beautiful potted plantings. Not only do our residents enjoy spending time with these young adults, they are receiving a lovely plant that they can grow and nurture.  When the time is right, we will be planting the mature foliage on our lovely patio.

Traditional Passover Seder

Come and join us for a traditional Passover Seder with grateful assistance by Everett Greenberg.  Our Seder meal will be held in our 2nd Floor Dining Room on April 23rd and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.  This major Jewish holiday commemorates the liberation of the Israelites.  It is also known as Pesach.